Water Management

The Central Coast has the third largest urban water supply system in NSW, after Sydney and the Hunter.

The system incorporates three dams, three weirs, three water treatment plants, over 50 reservoirs, and more than 2,000 kilometres of pipelines. Water is taken from our dams, rivers and creeks for commercial and residential use and the remaining river flows are used for the environment.

The water supply on the Central Coast is managed in three parts:

  • Long term planning and water strategy - formerly the responsibility of Gosford/Wyong Councils’ Water Authority, planning and strategy is now the responsibility of the Central Coast Water Corporation.
  • Operation and maintenance of headworks - the Councils jointly manage the dams, weirs and treatment plants.
  • Local water infrastructure and delivery - each Council manages the day to day delivery of water and wastewater services.

Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils are currently working on a full transfer of functions to the Central Coast Water Corporation by 2017.

Water supply authorities

Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils are listed as Water Supply Authorities in the Water Management Act 2000. As water supply authorities, the Councils:

  • Harvest, treat and deliver water, in compliance with the appropriate guidelines, to residences, businesses and public places
  • Transport, treat and dispose of sewage in accordance with legislative requirements and community expectations
  • Collect, transport and dispose of stormwater in a safe and environmentally sound manner to reduce risk to life and damage to property
  • Collect revenue from customers to recover the costs of providing water, sewerage and stormwater services.