Future Water Supply

We need to ensure we are prepared for another prolonged drought. Therefore Council is investigating water supply options that do not rely on rainfall.


A permanent desalination plant is one option. Desalination takes water from the ocean and runs it through membranes to extract fresh water. The fresh water is pumped into the normal drinking water supply system and the remaining seawater is returned back into the ocean. Desalination plants are currently used as an additional source of water in Sydney, Perth and the Gold Coast. There are also plants under construction in Adelaide and Melbourne and a second plant in Perth.

Development consent has been granted for a permanent desalination plant at Toukley, adjacent to the Toukley Sewage Treatment Plant. There are no plans to start construction of a desalination plant at this stage.

Water recycling

Gosford and Wyong Councils are using recycled water as one approach towards the long-term management of the water supply and the reliable delivery of water and sewerage services for the Central Coast, while also ensuring confidence in public health and environmental protection. 

Council already recycles water for use in power stations and on playing fields but we are also exploring other ways we can use recycled water.