Ensuring our whole community appreciates the value of water and know how to use it wisely is extremely important for the future of our region's water supply. During the drought the Councils worked with many different sections of the community to ensure everyone was saving water and making long term changes to their water use behaviour.

Now that our system is recovering the Councils are focussing on making sure everyone understands the Central Coast water story, what it takes to get clean fresh water to your taps and what role you can play in ensuring we have the best system into the future. See for yourself with our virtual water supply system tour.

Educating our children

The Councils have long recognised the importance of the next generation and their significant part to play in ensuring water conservation and water saving behaviours remain as a normal part of everyday life.

To help secure our water future, we developed three water education programs for school children that were rolled out during the worst of the drought.

From childcare to Year 12, the programs were designed to educate children on our water supply system works and what they can do to ensure our environment is kept clean to preserve our water.

Now that the system is recovering the Councils are reviewing the childcare and primary schools education programs so that our efforts best reflect the needs of our community.

The Councils’ high schools program, BluePlanet, is an interactive website for high school students and teachers. This program continues to provide information on water resources and water management for our local students.