Water Services

Each individual Council manages the aspects of the water distribution system within their local government area. This includes meter reading, finance and accounting, network design, system operation and maintenance.

If you have any questions or concerns about water quality or water supply to your home please contact your local Council.

Water quality

Gosford and Wyong Councils aim to provide high quality, safe drinking water.

Drinking water is treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. See our water treatment page for more information about the treatment process.

Water quality testing and monitoring takes place throughout the water supply system. Samples are taken in the dams, after water is treated, in distribution pipes and at customers' taps.

The Councils work closely with NSW Health to ensure the health of the community.

Discoloured water

From time to time, discoloured water alerts may be issued to the community. This means tap water may be dirty or discoloured.

Discoloured water refers to a change in the appearance or colour of the drinking water supply. Although drinking water is usually colourless, it can sometimes appear yellow or reddish brown, black, milky white, or blue. This change in water colour can occur for a number of reasons.

See our discoloured water video below to learn more about discoloured water in your home.

Yellow, reddish/brown, or black water

Yellow, reddish brown or black water is usually caused by minerals such as iron and manganese in the water supply system. While these elements are always present in low levels, changes in temperature, flow or water chemistry can cause them to become visible and discolour the water.

If the water is brown or black this means there is a broken water main in the area that needs fixing. Do not drink this water and contact your council immediately.

Milky or white water

Water that appears milky or white can occur when air becomes trapped in water pipes. It usually means there has been a disruption to supply, for example after a water main break has been repaired. This water is harmless and will not stain your laundry. If you run the water for a few minutes it should clear.

Blue water

Blue stains in the water may be caused by corrosion of your internal plumbing. This is common if the hot water cylinder is made from copper.

Discoloured water stains

If you have a load of washing and the clothes are stained from discoloured water keep them wet and phone your council. Letting the clothes dry will set the stains. When the water clears you can try rewashing with clean water. If clothes are still stained keep them for inspection to verify damage. Don't use hot water if possible until the water is clear.

If you have concerns about your water quality please contact your local Council.

Is the water safe to drink?

Councils' regular stringent testing indicates that the local water supply is safe and consistently complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. If you have any concerns about the colour of your water contact your local Council, and wait until the water becomes clear before you drink it.

In the unlikely event that testing indicates the water supply may have an adverse affect on health, Council will implement emergency procedures to notify the community and protect public health. You will be informed of the nature of contamination and actions to take until drinking water quality has been restored.

Protecting drinking water quality

Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils are committed to understanding and addressing discoloured water. The Councils are working to protect, manage and maintain drinking water quality through water supply system enhancements, regular maintenance and routine monitoring.

Your feedback is an important and helps Council identify and resolve drinking water quality problems. Please report drinking water quality issues such as discoloured water to Council.

Concerns or issues

If you have any concerns or issues relating to Gosford or Wyong Councils water and sewer services please contact your local Council.

If you suspect a water main break, sewage overflow or any other fault with the water supply or sewer network in your area - contact your local Council immediately.

  • Gosford City Council (24-hours a day, 7-days a week) on (02) 4325 8222.
  • Wyong Shire Council (24-hours a day, 7-days a week) on (02) 4350 5555.