Reading your water meter

Check your water meter regularly to see if you are meeting the daily water use target. Generally water meters are located in line with the front boundary of your property. They are above ground with a metal or plastic lid.

Water meters vary. The water meter generally reads from left to right. The black numbers show the kilolitres (1,000 litres) and red numbers show the single litres. Your meter may have two, three or four red numbers. You can download a copy of our pdf format How to read your water meter (436.80 KB) for detailed instructions.

You can either check your meter once a week or every day. It may be useful to check it once a day for the first week and do it weekly to see if you are keeping to your target.

If there is a large increase in your meter readings you may have a leak. To check for a leak you should record the reading when no water will be used for a few hours like before you go to bed.  Then check the water meter again in the morning and if there is an increase you may have a leak.

If you think you might have a leak you should contact your plumber.


Water meter accessibility

Is your water meter in an overgrown garden or behind locked gates or fences?

Not only does this make it difficult for our meter readers to find and record, it may mean:

  • your account may be delayed and cost more
  • leaks on your side of the property are not discovered quickly
  • you are not able to track your water use
  • you are not able to locate your stop valve to turn off the water to change a washer of fix plumbing.

By law you must keep your water meter accessible at all times.