Rainwater tanks

On average, one square metre of roofing will collect one litre of water for every millimetre of rain that falls. Storing this water in a rainwater tank is a good way to save our town water supply and reduce the cost of your water bill.

Rainwater tanks come in all shapes, sizes and materials, and can be fitted to homes, businesses, schools and community centres.

Depending on the way your rainwater tank is installed, the rainwater you collect can be used to:

water gardens, top up pools and ornamental ponds, wash cars and boats (externally connected tanks)

to fill up washing machines and flush toilets (internally connected tanks).

NSW Health does not recommend the use of tank water for drinking purposes if an alternative town water source is available. It also discourages rainwater use for showers and baths.

When choosing a rainwater tank, it's important to consider how many people will be using the water, whether the water will be used inside or outside and the size of the roof area it is connected to. A qualified and experienced rainwater tank supplier/installer can provide you with advice on the best tank to meet your needs.

Living Water Smart - installing a rainwater tank (1.28 MB).